About Adults

IAG Adult ministry empowers families to be the center of faith orientation and learning, where faith growth is most effective. To do this, International teaches, trains, and encourages adults and provides opportunities for them to be together. Many of our fellowship activities offer opportunities for all members of the family to enjoy time together.

Sports - IAG has an indoor badminton/ping pong/volleyball/basketball court where we can spend time together playing sports and getting to know one another.

Small groups - Get together just for times of prayer, encouragement, and Bible study. Picnic - We have 2-3 picnics during the summer holidays in one of the area parks. We enjoy great food, games, sports and social interaction.

Cell Groups - Throughout the week, cell groups meet in various homes spread throughout the metro-Detroit area for a time of prayer, Bible study, and relationship building. We realize that we need each other. Some of the cell groups are specialized for different age groups, language groups (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, etc), and needs (Parenting, Young Couples, Intercessory Prayer, Bible Study, etc).

Adult Bible Quiz -This program is an intense competition of atone teaching and memorization of a selected book of the Bible and testing their knowledge against other adults throughout the nation.


Christian Education
(For all Ages)
9:30 am
Malayalam Worship Service 9:15 am
Tamil Worship Service 9:15 am
English Worship Service 10:30 am
Children's Church 11:15 am
Prayer Cell @ West side 7:00 pm
Prayer Cell @ East side 7:30 pm
Friday(Fellowship Night)
Malayalam Service 7:00 pm
Tamil bible class
(2nd week of the month)
7:00 pm
English Service 7:00 pm
Kids Bible Quiz Program 7:00 pm
Refreshment 8:30 pm
Music Practice 8:30 pm
Intercessory prayer 8:30 pm
Sports 8:30 pm
Youth Activities 8:30 pm
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